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Day at the Lake and a friendly visit March 17, 2010

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Yesterday was a beautiful spring afternoon, so we enjoyed the weather by taking a trip to a beautiful lake! My high school friend ended up coming after all so she went with us as well.  It was great seeing her, since we hadn’t seen each other in a really long time.  We had a nice little picnic lunch and then fed some of the geese, our leftover bread.  Well tried to at least.  Little b seemed to really enjoy getting his hands dirty and putting them in the water.  Him and B threw rocks in watched them plop into the lake and mo and I chatted in the sun.  I’m really glad that we moved back down south, I missed it down here and I know that little b will love growing up here.  Though there was talk about a possible move with Mo and her husband to another state.  The town is much like this one, but way better…there’s mountains! I guess we are going to plan a summer trip to check everything out.  I’m the only one who has been there so I will have to do my best to sell it to everyone else.  Though I’m pretty sure everyone is on board.  All in all it was great day and a great time with good people.  I’m really glad she came and saw us and we will have to go and seem them soon!  Thanks a bunch!!!  Little b misses you already.

I hope everyone gets out and enjoys some sunshine, we are once b gets up from his nap!  Happy St. Patrick’s day as well!  Eat good food!  We are this is what we are having for dinner tonight, Not at all Irish but we aren’t so it doesn’t matter!



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